About Yogadeux

Mission of Yogadeux is to offer you experiences with yoga, that calm your body, breath and consciousness, in order to gain impact, concentration, balance and relaxation in life and work. Goal of Yogadeux is to make yoga more accessible, especially for people with tight schedules, who often face stress at and outside work. Therefore, Yogadeux is specialized in private and corporate yoga. Thus, Yogadeux is suitable for busy people, who’d like to do yoga at home, or near the workplace, at their chosen moment of the day.

Private yoga

Yogadeux offers private yoga and corporate yoga. Private classes are an excellent way to achieve the benefits of yoga and to increase your mental and physical condition, without losing lots of time. Classes take place in the comfort of your own home (or at work). You can propose your preferred day and time of the class. The class is private and discretion on personal information is guaranteed. .

Corporate yoga

Corporate yoga increases vitality of the employees. The classes support clarity, concentration, flexibility and effectiveness of the participants at work and outside. By offering yoga at work, yoga is made accessible for employees who may not easily attend classes at a yoga school, or who simply cannot find space in their tight agenda’s. Corporate yoga gives all employees the chance to achieve the benefits of yoga.

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